Corporate Middle-Market Lending

Cerberus’s streamlined processes and flat organization minimize approval levels, allowing many proposals to close in as quickly as three weeks or less. Senior investment professionals work with operations executives to turn proposals into closed transactions without significant changes.

Cerberus Business Finance, LLC and Ableco Finance LLC are lending companies offering one-stop financing solutions and a host of distinct advantages to private equity sponsors and corporations.

Cerberus’s lending affiliates focus on the mid-market and have the flexibility to participate creatively at all levels of the capital structure.

Lending officers are seasoned professionals with the authority to turn proposals into closed transactions and remain the point of contact throughout the underwriting, closing and beyond. This facilitates smooth, consistent underwriting as well as informed and responsive decision making pre- and post-close. Transaction types include acquisition financing, recapitalizations, working capital financing, bridge loans and debtor-in-possession financing.